Bearing Replacement Third Generation Honda

Technical Details


To ensure a proper repair, purchase a new bearing and seal retainer, all available at the location below. If the new bearing is equipped with a built in rubber or plastic seal retainer then a seal retainer is not required. The bearing can be repaired if a bearing is not available and the bearing was producing a screeching sound rather than a course sound. If the bearing play is too excessive then the bearing should not be reused. Just press in grease, seal it tight and finish it with a seal retainer (separately for $5.95, + $2 SH, Torrance, CA) Please see below for full address. If you cannot find a bearing retainer you may substitute an RTV clear silicone or GOOP for a retainer. Degrease the area before application. Clear RTV is the purest of silicone.

The following text is a copy from quoted by RM and contained in it's entirety: The distributor does contain a bearing and seal. It is available from either two sources. 1. Sure Seal Honda Products WWW.TECH2TECH.NET (site probably moved), 1-800 645 7584 part # SSPDSTBRNG Distributor Bearing $22.00 part # SSPDSSEAL DISTRIBUTOR SEAL $ 5.95 The following is a quote from the Sure Seal Honda Products catalogue: "You can now replace the lower distributor bearing and or seal on many late model Honda distributors. These bearings and seals fit the late model TEC distributors found in Civics (88 and up), Accords (90 and up), and Legends (88-90). You can buy them individually as needed."

2. The second option is to locate a local bearing distributor who sells the Nachi Bearings. The part number is 6001/012-2NSL. The main office in Ca. is (562)-802-0055 and on the east coast (800)-537-2057. I called the east coast office and was given the nearest store which handled Nachi bearings. I called the store near me and they could order it for $13.88 plus 5% MD. State Tax. They told me that the part number included both the bearing and the seal.