Terminals: For most Accords: While still connected to the vehicle check that:

  1. Yel/blue should have +12 volts battery, always.
  2. Blk  should be grounded always 
  3. Blk/yel should have +12 volts with ignition ON
  4. Not used
  5. Yel/blk  should be +12 volts with ignition ON 
  6. Blu/Red (auto only) Blk/grn (manual only) should be +12 volts at START 
  7. Yellow should have +12 volts temporary with ignition ON, if idling or start Yellow should have +12 volts
  8. Grn/blk  should ground temporary with ignition ON or idling, if idling or start Grn/blk should ground

If all readings are okay except on either pin 3)ECU-Injector or pin 7)Pump then the relay is dead.