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How to remove the ignition assembly



Replacing the ignition switch assembly using a punch.

  1. Start by punching the bolt head at 9'O clock directly onto the head of the bolt to create a dimple. 

  2. Next, place the punch on the dimple and slightly angle the center punch and punch the bolt out counterclockwise.
  3. Do the same to the other bolt.
  4. Once both are loosen continue to twist the nut using your fingers.
  5. Installation may require a locking thread formula on the breakhead bolt's thread to prevent theft.

Ignition switch assembly security precautions:The technique used here are common to all in 
the field of auto repairs but the Honda service manual doesn't provide this info to the 
public because this may reveal the ignitionswitch's weakness. To anyone who will talk 
about this type of information in forums or videos please consider how this may expose 
Honda's weaknesses. If you are to publish this type of trick in different forms please 
advise the user to employ methods to lock the threads with a locking formula, or use a 
drill and roll pins upon installation (drill a hole thru the thread after tightening 
and insert the pin) or install an antitheft device. The bolt should be secured and 
should be prevented from moving. Alwasys don't assume that it will have to take more 
than two turns to breach the security, because it doesn't.




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